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Affordable Natural Health Advice

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We are a natural health clinic providing affordable wellness advice and complimentary non-drug therapies - your personal team of therapists including a nutritionist, homeopath, herbalist, fitness trainer, counselor or neurotherapist, where required. 

We offer online consultations, telephone calls and face-to-face appointments at a time that suits you and your lifestyle. If you have a chronic but not acute problem that is no longer delivered by NHS care or being controlled with drugs, we offer another healing pathway that is less toxic to manage your symptoms naturally. 

Our goal is to get to the root of the problem

Common ailments and lifestyle-generated illnesses can be given simple self-care advice avoiding expensive private medical visits or time-limited GP visits. CCH Live aims to help the wider general public find alternative and integrated solutions for their health and wellbeing problems in one place.

We aim to make your consultation with us a positive experience where you feel comfortable about discussing your health concerns. By getting to the root causes, we can understand and solve them together with a jointly agreed, bespoke treatment developed especially for you. 

About CCH

CCH is a team of holistic consultants who believe passionately about preventing and curing ailments naturally wherever possible offering the best health care including on-line consultations, treatment advice and face-to-face appointments with a designated practitioner. We are fully qualified and many of our practitioners are considered leading experts in their field of specialism, are fully registered and operate to the highest standard of service.

We are confident that by using specific natural medicines and therapies, we can encourage the body’s self-healing process, while at the same lowering the risk of side effects. Natural medicine and interventions can be integrated with modern medical treatments to aid a positive outcome. The more lifestyle changes we can make to improve our health the better – clearing both personal toxins and environmental blockages have been proven to be beneficial to our overall health.

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Our Team

We are a leading team of holistic consultants who believe passionately about preventing and curing ailments naturally wherever possible.

Wellness Services

At CCH Live we specialise in natural healthcare that is convenient, affordable and effective. We cater for a variety of healthcare needs and have some of the most experienced and outstanding practitioners available to help every aspect of your physical and mental health and that of your family.

You can simply book an appointment online and speak with a consultant for a range of health and lifestyle problems. Choose a date and time, select telephone or video chat, fill in the on-line consultation form if necessary. Find a quiet place and talk to a therapist in confidence.

  • Diagnosis of your illness
  • Prescribe herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and remedies
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Full range of health and nutrition including blood tests, scans and organ function testing



Are you looking to improve your health? Generally not feeling your best for too long? Book now for a health and lifestyle check to find how we can help get you re-set your health.

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Healthcare Packages

Hormone Imbalance Natural Treatment

Our Hormone Imbalance Natural Treatment addresses the causes of your hormonal imbalances, providing you with a plan to bring your hormones back into balance and help clear the symptoms of hormone imbalance that may be quite difficult to handle.

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Fitness for Life – Programmes for All Ages

Our Fitness for Life Service has programmes for all ages, helping you to discover the best plan, tips and fitness activities for your age and body type. Our bespoke sessions improve all aspects of fitness, including strength, flexibility and respiratory health.

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Stress Relief Treatment

Our Stress Relief Treatment helps you to manage stressful situations and reduce feelings of anxiety; offering advice on how to implement bespoke stress relief techniques, strategies, and stress relief activities, using effective natural remedies.

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Anti-Ageing naturally – exercise, food and the best programs to keep your mind and body active.

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Insomnia Treatment

Our Insomnia Treatment plan aims to identify the cause of your insomnia, create a sleep ritual plan to help you get the quality sleep you need, and address the related anxieties, worries and stressful issues.

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Nutritional Therapy Consultation

Our Nutritional Therapy Consultations focus on your nutrition goals, providing tailored strategies to deal with your specific issues. Whether you are suffering from type II diabetes, high cholesterol, or just want help with losing weight and improving your gut health, our nutritional therapist offers you support to change and improve your health.

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Life-Work Balance Coaching

Our Life-Work Balance Coaching helps you to protect your wellbeing from the effects of work-related stress, unhappiness and mental health issues; helping you take responsibility for your work-related stress and to implement a unique strategy for your situation.

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Relationships and self-confidence.

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Mental Health Service

Our Mental Health Service focuses on mental health and emotional hygiene, offering advice to create an individual mental health plan.

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