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Podcast | Health Matters: you are What you Eat!

Award-winning investigative journalist, Joanna Blythman and author of seven landmark books, speaks with Jacqueline Harvey about the food industry. Joanna is one of the most authoritative, influential commentators on the British food chain, and issues within the food industry relating to food production; veganism, ultra processed foods, and how you can eat healthily in the […]

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A Mindful Merry Christmas – Conserve & Boost Your Spiritual Energy For Christmas

Christmas is a joyful time and often a welcome break from work but it can also be a spiritually and energetically draining time. At Christmas, we sometimes find ourselves interacting with difficult people which brings the buried resentments and emotional struggles of toxic relationships to the surface.  The end of the year can be a […]

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A Mindful Merry Christmas – Navigating Holiday Stress

Christmas is a time of joy but for many of us, Christmas can also be a time of stress and unhappiness. By identifying holiday pressure points, you can use some easy techniques to navigate Christmas stress.  Holiday Pressure Points Weight of Expectations – there’s a lot of pressure for Christmas to be perfect, magical, unforgettable. […]

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Boost Your Immune System Now!

Now that we have emerged from lockdowns and are circulating a lot more freely than we have done since winter 2019, we are more susceptible to catch colds and flu. We haven’t been gathering together, due to being in lockdown the whole of last winter, and this will cause problems for our immune system because […]

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Vaccine assimilation and harmony

It is our aim to treat each client as holistically as possible, given the time constraints we are dealing with. It may be necessary to refer you to the NHS. In a consultation we will ask you about the medication you are taking, as well as supplements and herbal remedies. We will ask you about […]

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Immune Support

We all know that during autumn and winter respiratory illnesses like coughs and colds can blight our everyday life considerably. So it is important to look at what we are eating to ensure we are getting the most out of our food and to boost this with supplements where there is a lack, in order […]

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Long-Covid treatment

How long it takes to recover from Covid is different for everyone and the chances of having long-term symptoms seems to be linked to how ill you were at the point of contracting the virus. Sufferers seek to come to terms with the impact that the virus has had on their body. Long-Covid is classified […]

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5 Benefits: Aerobic and Cardio workouts

Many people still fail to make the connection between their respiratory health and exercise, especially aerobic/cardio training. In recent years there has been an emphasis on HIT and building muscle but back in the 80’s and 90’s aerobic was seen as an essential part of fitness. […]

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Autumn Meditation

Learn more about our Autumn Meditations: […]

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Wellness Hub

A one-stop wellbeing space to cope with the demands of modern life.   […]

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