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Podcast | Health Matters: you are What you Eat!

Award-winning investigative journalist, Joanna Blythman and author of seven landmark books, speaks with Jacqueline Harvey about the food industry. Joanna is one of the most authoritative, influential commentators on the British food chain, and issues within the food industry relating to food production; veganism, ultra processed foods, and how you can eat healthily in the cost of living crisis are frankly discussed.

Take control of your health with Jacqueline Harvey as she interviews some of the most influential people, experts and thinkers on health wellbeing and lifestyle. Health Matters cuts through the confusion and conflicting information aired to the public, often with little guidance on how that information impacts their life personally. Jacqueline offers listeners a lively, honest and insightful report on health in our culture that cuts the marketing jargon, delivering practical advice.

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