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Founded by Wellness Expert Jacqueline Harvey in 2005, CCH Live reflects her drive to deliver an advice service that encourages wider use of safe plant based remedies and treatments to the public that is affordable and more convenient to clients. Her career spans over twenty years and is an author of several books – Your Health is Your Wealth, Boost Your Energy in Four Weeks and Body Cycles. Her holistic treatment based company Crystal Clear Health started in 2006, won the EBR Healthcare and Wellbeing Award 2013 and in March 2019 was awarded the Innovating for Growth in conjunction with the EU Regional Development Fund.

About Jacqueline Harvey

From a young age, I learned of great natural medicines, which have helped to sustain my health throughout my life. As a child I suffered from a number of conditions including eczema, food intolerances, and asthma as well as a heart murmur. My Mum being a farm girl from Jamaica would use a number of herbal tonics, tinctures and ointments obtained from our local herbalist in London to help me recover rather than spending a lot of time at the GP. Looking back to this time in the 70’s, this was a pretty radical choice and it formed the basis of my career to the present day. I still use many of these rituals today whether it is eating specific foods, taking herbs to aid digestion or using creams and lotions to maintain my skin and hair health. I believe every culture has its own natural lifestyle practices that we can use today to help maintain our health and cope with, if not cure, common ailments. It is my passion to put your health back into your hands with nature’s support.


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