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The Best Exercises For Menopause

It’s hard to know what the best type of exercise is for your body when going through menopause. […]

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Going to the Gym During Menopause

It’s a great idea to either keep going or start going to the gym when menopausal. […]

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Loss of Libido During Menopause

During menopause, your sex hormones, the driving force of libido, can feel like they are diminishing. Although this can be disconcerting and upsetting, there are ways to cope with it and combat it. […]

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Feeling Foggy?

Do you sometimes struggle to remember the name of something, or, for example, find it difficult to calculate the tip in a restaurant? […]

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It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Feeling hot and bothered is a very normal occurrence during menopause, but how do you make these feelings subside? […]

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Meditation and Menopause

During menopause, the way our hormones change and behave can alter our moods and cause us to experience a range of emotions, such as anxiety or sadness. […]

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Experiencing Menopause

Sadly, discussing menopause has been previously considered taboo, leaving many women to struggle and find it difficult to express themselves when experiencing it. […]

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