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Repair Your DNA Through Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi

A 2017 Coventry University study recently proved that activities such as yoga, meditation and Tai Chi, have an effect on molecular changes in DNA. They affect our telomeres, governing how DNA behaves in our bodies. Due to stress and emotional trauma, these can shorten and die, as well as being a natural part of the […]

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Weight Lifting for a Better Life

A study at the University of Dublin has conclusively shown how important resistance training is for you later in life, especially when combined with eating more protein. The recommendation they gave was 20-25 minutes of resistance exercises 3-4 times a week along with a high protein diet. As we grow older, our muscle tissue deteriorates […]

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Feeling Stressed? Take a Breath

We only use a small amount of our lung capacity in everyday life. In order to keep our lungs healthy, it is important to practice deep breathing. This will help to oxygenate our blood, which supplies nutrients to our entire body. Oxygen is a fuel in its own right for our bodies and the brain. […]

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Challenging the Carbohydrate Myth

The concept of “clean eating”, in which entire food groups are labelled good or bad, has recently been facing a backlash. Instead, a more common-sense anti-fad approach has been gaining strength. Not only are these fads depriving us of necessary nutrients, at worst they can be completely dangerous. In extreme cases, if you don’t consume […]

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