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Going From the Freezing Cold to Stifling Heat⠀

Dressing in layers rather than thick jumpers and coats can help keep your body at the right temperature when you are going from the cold outside to overheated interiors and vice versa⠀⠀ […]

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Feed Your Senses⠀⠀

Feed your five senses to block out the harshness of the winter season. Create a beautiful environment for yourself with scents and soft beautiful textures in the home. Visual beauty, warm lighting and calming music can help to increase wellbeing. […]

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Are powdered superfoods healthy?

Are powdered superfoods healthy? Doesn’t it sound simple, popping some superfood powder in your breakfast smoothie, sprinkling it on your cereal, mixing it into meals? What an easy way to boost your superfood intake! But before you start liberally adding it to every meal, have a think about whether or not superfood powder is really […]

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