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Immune Support

We all know that during autumn and winter respiratory illnesses like coughs and colds can blight our everyday life considerably. So it is important to look at what we are eating to ensure we are getting the most out of our food and to boost this with supplements where there is a lack, in order to assist our immune system.

Last year there was a considerable drop in winter and ‘flu and colds cases but this year the situation is going to be very different and any cough, cold or ‘flu could really lay you low but there are plenty complimentary therapies and supplements to support a speedy recovery. These may include ensuring your vitamin D levels are up, eating a balanced healthy diet without too many fats and sugars or taking something like echinacea. Vitamin D can be found is foods like tuna, mackerel and salmon and you can also find it in liver, cheese and egg yokes. The immune system protects the body from harmful germs that can cause illness and it is vital to understand how to improve your immune system – not only to improve your overall health but to lower the risks of catching viruses.

A healthy diet is essential – the foundation of the immune system is in our gut. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables will improve our levels of vitamin C and zinc.

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