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5 Benefits: Aerobic and Cardio workouts

Many people still fail to make the connection between their respiratory health and exercise, especially aerobic/cardio training. In recent years there has been an emphasis on HIT and building muscle but back in the 80’s and 90’s aerobic was seen as an essential part of fitness.

Cardio workouts are helpful in strengthening the heart, clearing the lungs, and are beneficial to the whole circulatory system.

Sweating when you exercise is a good indication that you are training at a high enough level and helps to activate the lymph-nodes which help to detoxify the body. It is important, in these Covid times, that we breathe deeply, remove dead viral matter through lymphatic system and sweating, reduce blood pressure and maintain a healthy body fat.

Cardio workouts help to lower our body fat – they play a crucial role in helping to use excess body fat for energy.

Vigorous exercise helps us to balance our mood and heals the mind through the release of happy hormones – serotonin and dopamine.

Exercise also improves our ability to enjoy restorative deep sleep, where the body can effectively carry out necessary repairs through the process of autophagy and connecting to our dreams.

Exercise gives us a sense of purpose: when we are strong, we can also engage in useful activities focusing on our life goals, providing us with a sense of accomplishment. It gives drive to our existence while enhancing a sense of well-being – breathe deep for life!

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