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  • Body Cycles

    Body Cycles is a natural health plan that is practical, realistic and great fun, and will deliver excellent results that suit modern lives perfectly. Body Cycles brings the whole subject of seasonal health together into a single practical guide by celebrity wellness expert, Jacqueline Harvey, author of Your Health Is Your Wealth. The book informs your everyday health practices. It is not built on cutting things out, but is based on healthy eating, real fitness and mental wellness.

  • Sale! CCH Live Gift Voucher

    CCH Live Wellness Voucher

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    Our Gift Voucher is the perfect, thoughtful way to treat the person that you care about. Equivalent to an hour's consultation with any of our therapists, your special someone can pick the specific area they wish to focus on and heal. At the amazing, discounted price of £120, you will receive the blank gift voucher within 3-5 days, including the unique code needed when booking the chosen consultation online.

  • Boost Your Energy in Four Weeks by Jacqueline Harvey

    Boost Your Energy In Four Weeks


    Featured as Essentials Magazine’s Miracle of the Month, this easy to follow guide is guaranteed to get you bursting with energy. It clearly illustrates how you can raise your energy levels step-by-step, with advice on eating, stress release, lifestyle tips and exercise routines. Jacqueline Harvey's Boost Your Energy in Four Weeks takes into consideration all parts of you; mind, body and soul.

  • Body Cycles eBook

    Body Cycles: 2nd Edition eBook


    A practical introduction that connects the physical, emotional and spiritual energies at work in your life. Body Cycles enriches and informs your everyday health practices, built upon the values of positive eating, real fitness and lasting happiness. If you are interested in an alternative to the yearly diet narrative and want a new way of maintaining your health all year round, look no further.

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