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Meet the Team: Interview with Antony Beeston – Personal Trainer & Life Coach

Antony Beeston fitness session

Antony Beeston is a CCH Live personal trainer and life coach. He has a vast amount of experience, ranging over 19 years, in the varied fields of fitness, life coaching, nutrition, diet, injury rehabilitation, exercise and weight training.

Antony says, “I’ve always understood that a person’s choice to use a personal trainer is actually a choice to invest in themselves. I respect this decision and in turn take my responsibilities to my clients very seriously. Helping people achieve their goals and improve their physical and mental wellbeing as well as their health and ability is my genuine goal.”

In this video, Antony talks to Jacqueline Harvey about how and where you can find his personal training services, as well as showcasing his fitness session with Jacqueline.

You can find out more about Antony here or you can book an appointment online for a personal training and fitness session, or for a lifestyle coaching session, where you will be shown the way to the results, improvements and gains that you have always wanted. Book your first session here.



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