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Art & Nature Series: Peter Doig

Happy New Year!

We would like to brighten up your day with the dream-like work of Peter Doig. The artist uses reflections to reveal a new perspective of the landscapes. In his own words, “the mirroring opened up another world. It went from being something like a recognisable reality to something more magical.”

The glassy water’s surface contains a rich ecosystem of colour and texture. Doig brings vibrant reds, spilling into deep yellows, all dissipating into the calming greens. While we do not see much of the shore, but rather the abstract interpretation in the pond’s reflection, the dense forest gives way to offer a glimpse of the glowing moon between the trunks. The textural nature of this painting is built up with resin, fine pointillist marks, thick drops of paint, and the smooth edge of a palette knife.

Peter Doig
Swamped (1990)

Peter Doig Swamped



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