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Art & Nature Series: April Gornik


“I am an artist that values, above all, the ability of art to move me emotionally and psychically. I make art that makes me question, that derives its power from being vulnerable to interpretation, that is intuitive, that is beautiful” – April Gornik

April Gornik
Marsh and Rising Clouds, 2015



Gornik’s incredibly immersive works that use “light as the protagonist” to create dreamlike yet realistic landscapes. The act of painting is abstraction for the artist as she collages and composites images into a composition, to capture the ‘truth’ of the atmosphere is not the photographic ‘truth’. Through painting Gornik enjoys how a singular painting is able to contain the whole process and history from conception, alteration, and creation as it is embedded in the surface of the work. Her ultimate goal is to create joy for those viewing it and herself while she creates her striking artwork.

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